Fabiana Parano has created and performs Stories in a Bag. An English teacher, a storyteller and a writer, Ms. Parano holds a Self-Esteem Practitioner Degree from the International Council for Self-Esteem, USA and an Accreditation for Creative and Literary Writing from Cambridge University, UK. She has majored in Storytelling both in English and Spanish, has worked on character sketching, mimicry acting, clown and narrative theatre.


Ms. Parano teaches Storytelling in the Classroom at IES en Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández” and at CePA (escuela de capacitación docente, Gob. de la Ciudad). She is also a member of Ana M Bovo’s teaching team.


Her experience includes telling tales to all kinds of audiences as well as training teachers in the Art of Storytelling in a foreign language situation. To this end, she has delivered workshops and presentations throughout the country and abroad, at various conferences, schools of English, teachers’ training colleges.


Fabiana is the author of STORIES IN MOTION, A Teacher’s Resource Booklet for the Beginning Storyteller (2010) and of STORIES TO BUILD EMOTIONAL LITERACY(2011). She has created the show STORIES, TWIRLS & SWIRLS, for children from 3 to 11 (2012).

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