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September 6th, 2014

What shall I do with my body as I tell a story? When & how to embody characters? Shall I use props? Dealing with interruptions: Shall I respond as a storyteller or as a character?

Physical actions

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New Edition 2014

Tell Me Another New Edition

Fee: $180; material and coffee break on the house

Where? Arcos 1786 6°C, C.A.B.A (three blocks from Cabildo Avenue)

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Previous workshop 2013:

Techniques & Puppets


10 thoughts on “Workshops & Seminars

  1. I haven’t receive information from Chile’s workshop….
    Who I should contact in Chile?

    • Dear Pamela
      My seminar in Chile is coming soon: May 23rd & 24th. I’ve given your email address to the organizers. In case they haven’t contacted you yet, you can write to: Patricia Vulcano or Ana Maria Wee Serrano
      Hope to meet you there!

    • Dear Zulma
      I’ll be expecting you at Arcos 1786 6°C (at the corner of Pampa Street) at 9.45 for registration. The workshop itself is starting at 10.00 am. If you happen to have a hat and/or scarf, please bring them both. If not, there will be some avilable here for you to pick and use.
      Get ready for a workshop full of tips, resources and the magic of storytelling!

  2. I live in Ituzaingo, in the west of Buenos Aires. How do I get to your place? Sometimes, that’s my problem I don’t know how to get to the different places easily. I don’t drive. I have to take a bus and the train. Can you help me? When shall I pay? and how?

    • Dear Alba
      Thanks for contacting me and for your interest in the seminar. I guess you’re planning to enrol for Saturday 13th, aren’t you?
      Most people have deposited the payment in my bank account, but others are paying that same day by arriving 15 minutes earlier for registration.
      I’ve been to Ituzaingó by car. Give some time to find out how you can get here. Is there any train line in your área? If so, which one?
      I?ll be expecting your reply

    • Alba
      I’ve found out how you can get here.
      Te tomás el TERN SARMIENTO a LINIERS. En Liniers, tomás el COLECTIVO 80 (en la dársena, si no preguntá ahí de qué lado se toma el que va para Belgrano). Te bajás en CABILDO y JOSÉ HERNÁNDEZ. Ahí estás a cuatro cuadras del taller. Estamos en la esquina de Pampa y Arcos. Pampa es paralela a José Hernández y Arcos es la tercera (también paralela) después de Cabildo. Igual cuando llegues, preguntá para qué lado es Arcos y Pampa que por la zona todos la conocen mucho. La dirección exacta del seminario es: ARCOS 1786 6°c (esquina Pampa), a las 10.00 hrs. Calculá dos horas de viaje entre tren y colectivo.
      Te espero

      • Dear Fabiana,
        I’m going to attend the seminar on Saturday option 1. Can I pay the same day arriving 15 minutes earlier? Thanks very much for sending me directions to get there. Hope I won’t get lost.
        Can you send me your mobile phone number, just in case.? To make it more private you can send me a mail. I’ll be expecting your reply.

      • Dear Alba
        I’m happy you’re coming. You won’t get lost. Just make sure you’re on the right way asking people before taking the bus and then asking for help about getting off at Avenida Cabildo and José Hernández. I usually get lost, so I can couldn’t understand you more…
        I’ve just sent you an email with my mobile number
        Yes, you can pay here directly
        Will be expecting you with stories and puppets

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