Performances for Teens




¶  Yonjwa seeks a Bride (African folktale)

¶  Marriage to a Boa Constrictor (African folktale)

¶  The Sun Sisters (Chinese legend)

¶  The Boy Who Grew Flowers (Jen Wojtowicz)

¶  The Witches (an excerpt from the novel by Roald Dahl)

¶  Elsio Trot (Roald Dahl)

¶  Lamb to The slaughter (Roald Dahl)

¶  Mrs Bixby and the Colonel´s Coat (Roald Dahl)

¶  The Fall of The House of Usher (E. A. Poe)

¶  The Mask of The Red Death (E A Poe)

¶  The Black Cat (E A Poe)

¶  The Hummingbird (Legend)

¶  A Glowing Future (Ruth Rendell)

¶  The Open Window (Saki)

¶  Sredni Vashtar (Saki)

¶  The Lumber Room (Saki)

¶  The Monkey’s Paw (W.W. Jacobs)

¶  The Phantom of the Opera (an excerpt from the novel by Leroux)

¶  Slaying The Dragon (Nick Owen)

¶  The Wise Fisherman (anonymous)

¶  The Cracked Pot (anonymous)

¶  The Old man and The Flood (Anonymous)

¶  Wilfrid Gordon Mc Donald Partridge (Men Fox)

¶  The Gift of the Magi (O’Henry)

¶  While the Auto Waits (O’Henry)

¶  The Singing Lesson (Katherine Mansfield)

¶  The Daughters of the Late Colonel (Katherine Mansfield)

¶  Rose for Emily (William Faulkner)

Folk Tales that inspired the Bard – Shakespeare’s Storybook (Patrick Ryan & James Mayhew)

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