Storytelling Performances at Your Institution




  • Two Little Hands …. –  A singing story
  • The Story of Mill and Moll (Fabiana Parano)

Song: Mill and Moll

  • ¶  The Heron´s Neck, with a puppet (version by Fabiana Parano)
  • ¶  On Your Potty, with a puppet (Virginia Miller)
  • ¶  The Story of But and Fly (Fabiana Parano)

Song: But and Fly

¶  Are you My Mother? (by P D Eastman)

Song: Are You My Mother?

¶  The Loudest Roar (Thomas Taylor)

¶  Goldilocks and the Three Bears (traditional tale)

¶  Owen with props (by Kevin Henkes)

¶  Hiccups for Elephant (James Preller)

¶  The Three Rabbits (adapted from a tale by M Salotti)

¶  The Big Balloon and The Tiny Ball (Fabiana Parano)

Song: Big Balloon & Tiny Ball

¶  Two Dogs (adapted from a tale by M Salotti)

Song: Two Dogs

¶  Fear (G. Cabal)

Song: Afraid of All

¶  The Snake without a Tail with a prop (Fabiana Parano)

Song: The Snake without a Tail

¶  Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild (Marla Frazee)

¶  Monsters in the Dark (Fabiana Parano)

Song: Monsters in the Dark

¶  The Rabbit and the Tortoise (traditional tale)

¶  Monsters in the Dark (Fabiana Parano)

¶  The Selfish Crocodile (Faustin Charles & Michael Terry)

¶  Wet Beds with a puppet (Fabiana Parano)

Primary :

¶  Silent Sam (Fabiana Parano)

¶  The Big Enormous Carrot with props (traditional tale, based on The Big Enormous Turnip)

¶  Caps for Sale (Esphyr Slobodkina)

¶  The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde)

¶  Song: The Selfish Giant

¶  Ella, The Elegant Elephant (by C and S D’amico)

¶  The Shoemaker and the Elf with a puppet (traditional tale)

¶  Winnie, The Witch (Korky Paul & Valerie Thomas)

¶  Jack and the Robbers  (traditional tale)

¶  The Enormous Crocodile with props (Roald Dahl)

¶  Fluffy, with a puppet (Patricia López Latour)

¶  Frank is Afraid to Fail (Fabiana Parano)

¶  Pirate O’Malley, with a puppet (Irish tale, version by Fabiana Parano

¶  Esio Trot, with puppets (Roald Dahl)

¶  The Teacher of The Black Lagoon (Mike Thaler)

¶  There is a Nightmare in My Closet (Mercer Mayer)

Song: Monster

¶  Everybody is against Me (Fabiana Parano)

¶  The Witches (an excerpt from the novel by Roald Dahl)

¶  The Starfish (Virginia Roffo)

¶  A bad case of Stripes (David Shannon)

Why Me? (Fabiana Parano)

¶  Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves (traditional tale)

¶  Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon (Jules Bass & Debbie Harter)

¶  The Humming Bird (legend)

¶  The Black Cat (E A Poe)

¶  The Licked Hand (urban legend)

¶  The Killer in the Backseat (urban legend)

¶  The Blind Men and the Elephant (traditional Arabian tale)

¶  Bob’s Harmonica (Based on Rachel Isadora’s Ben’s Trumpet)

¶  The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Bottle (traditional tale)



¶  Yonjwa seeks a Bride (African folktale)

¶  Marriage to a Boa Constrictor (African folktale)

¶  The Sun Sisters (Chinese legend)

¶  The Boy Who Grew Flowers (Jen Wojtowicz)

¶  Lamb to The slaughter (Roald Dahl)

¶  Mrs Bixby and the Colonel´s Coat (Roald Dahl)

¶  The Fall of The House of Usher (E. A. Poe)

¶  The Mask of The Red Death (E A Poe)

¶  Berenice (E. A. Poe)

¶  The Hummingbird (Legend)

¶  A Glowing Future (Ruth Rendell)

¶  The Open Window (Saki)

¶  Sredni Vashtar (Saki)

¶  The Lumber Room (Saki)

¶  The Monkey’s Paw (W.W. Jacobs)

¶  The Phantom of the Opera (an excerpt from the novel by Gaston Leroux)

¶  Slaying The Dragon (Nick Owen)

¶  The Wise Fisherman (anonymous)

¶  The Cracked Pot (anonymous)

¶  The Old man and The Flood (Anonymous)

¶  Wilfrid Gordon Mc Donald Partridge (Men Fox)

¶  Folk Tales that inspired the Bard – Shakespeare Storybook (Patrick Ryan & James Mayhew)

¶  The Gift of the Magi (O’Henry)

¶  While the Auto Waits (O’Henry)

¶  The Singing Lesson (Katherine Mansfield)

¶  The Daughters of the Late Colonel (Katherine Mansfield)

¶  Rose for Emily (William Faulkner)

Folk Tales that inspired the Bard – Shakespeare’s Storybook (Patrick Ryan & James Mayhew)


4 thoughts on “Storytelling Performances at Your Institution

  1. I would like you to come to our school , it´s in Pilar (BA) I´m thinking in kinder and primary ( the first years, -1st,2nd,3rd)
    I need to know the cost of the perform… and available dates 2014.(before winter holiday -better)

  2. Hello Fabiana!
    My name is Natalia Garbi and I’m the coordinator of the Primary English Department at Colegio Ciudad Jardin (Palomar). I would like to know any proposals you might have for kids aged 11-13. The idea would be to hold the performance at our place.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Natalia
      Thanks for contacting me!!! I story told in Colegio Ciudad Jardín twice, quite a few years ago. From those days now, I’ve grown a lot and plenty of proposals,. If you could give me an email address, Ill write to you in detail. Love and stories, Fabiana

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